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YellowHeart launches NFT ticketing mobile app

YellowHeart, an NFT (non-fungible token) ticketing and blockchain collectibles marketplace, has launched its own NFT ticketing mobile app, YellowHeart Wallet. 

Users will be connected to YellowHeart’s Web3 Ethereum-based NFT ticketing platform and marketplace. Ethereum is a decentralised, open-source blockchain and powers the cryptocurrency Ether, which is the second most popular cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. 

The Wallet enables credit card and cryptocurrency payments through Ethereum and Polygon integration, with users able to purchase live event NFT tickets. Polygon is a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. The YellowHeart Wallet also integrates with on-site activations and concert-going experiences. 

Josh Katz, chief executive of YellowHeart, said: “The YellowHeart Wallet is a major milestone for the live event industry. The app allows fans, artists, and venues to interact with Web3 marketplaces, which will greatly evolve the fan experience and create long-term recurring revenue opportunities for artists, teams and venues. 

“Providing fans with a technology that grants exclusive access to concert tickets and event-specific content is a real win for us; combining this with our focus on artist community tokens, exclusive album-connected NFT content, and the possibilities for creativity from here are endless.” 

Fans can unlock creative digital experiences and content interactions to enhance their experience. The platform also provides information for event producers and touring artists. 

Changes triggered on the blockchain can result in experiences like a digital image of a concert ticket changing colour, automatically upgrading access to activations, or merchandise for fans who scan into a concert or event. 

YellowHeart has previously partnered with artists like Kings of Leon and Maroon 5 on NFT drops and community token launches. Community tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that gives the holder access to a community based on the blockchain, with exclusive rewards and different perks available.

The Polygon-powered NFT tickets also connect to the YellowHeart ecosystem, meaning any fans that have bought an NFT in the past can be granted exclusive access or opportunities like discounts to restaurants or stores before or after a show. Fans could also receive invitations to exclusive meet and greets and other experiences. 

Thomas Emmanuel, chief product officer, said: “Connecting tickets to blockchain technology via non-fungible tokens means that rewards, content, access, discounts and more can be granted on a one on one basis. 

“For example, a fan who has, say, the Maroon 5 community token – or any other artist, or brand, specific community token, would open the app and simply slide over to the ‘rewards’ tab. 

“From there, they can access the various benefits of the NFT, such as early entry, offers before or after the show at a partner establishment, after parties, along with exclusive content,: video moments, highlights montages, or concert recordings.”

Event organisers and artists will also have the ability to track the entire ticketing cycle, including secondary market resales and potential ticket scalping.

Image: David Bordeianu on Unsplash & Ron Smith on Unsplash