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Ticket sales soar as Formula 1 popularity rockets

Formula 1 has witnessed a surge in popularity recently and this has been reflected in ticket sales for many events on the motorsport’s calendar.

Tickets for the British Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone sold out in record time, while the Australian GP broke attendance records with some 419,000 spectators attending over the racing weekend in Melbourne.

Motorsport Tickets, an event booking platform dedicated to motorsports, has revealed insight into the rise in ticket sales for F1. Motorsport Tickets saw a 79% uplift in average site visitors from 209,000 in January this year to 374,000 in March (image 1).

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Prior to the pandemic, average visitors peaked at roughly 200,000 and averaged at 110,000.

Richard Gibson-Venner, marketing director of Motorsport Tickets, said: “The news of Silverstone selling out is unsurprising after the other consecutive sell-out races this season. However, it does highlight the huge upsurge in popularity for F1 races and events that we have seen in the last year.

“The growing desire to attend these high-thrill spectacles coupled with the opening of borders across the world means more people than ever are hoping to watch an F1 race in person this season. At Motorsport Tickets we have seen an increase in March of 79% compared to pre pandemic site visitor levels, a clear sign of increased consumer interest.”

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Searches for the term ‘F1 Tickets’ is also at an all-time high, with search volumes being more than double than previous points over the last 18 years (image 2).

Gibson-Venner added: “The 2022 season has all new cars, new team formulations and has shown to create unpredictable race results, with more overtaking occurring. As more home crowds are taking up ticket sales it does mean that international fans need to act fast in order to be able to attend their favourite races – especially in popular locations.

“The sell-out season can also be attributed to the new and younger fans who have discovered F1 racing in the last year, a great addition for the sport. We hope that this continued popularity for the sport sees old fans and new be able to experience the best that F1 has to offer, both at home and away.”

Main image: Hanson Lu on Unsplash