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Broadway takes small hit due to fewer productions

Broadway’s box office took a small hit last week as there were three fewer shows running.

For the week ending August 21, the 20 productions on Broadway grossed $22,232,527 (£18.8m/€22.3m) according to Broadway News. This is down 19% from the previous week.

Capacity held steady at 89% and the three top-grossing productions in New York were ‘Hamilton’, ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘The Lion King’.

‘The Music Man’ has typically been the highest-grossing musical on Broadway this year, but there are no performances this week due to a scheduled hiatus.

The earnings totals also noted that ‘Into the Woods’ is continuing to climb at the box office and earned its best week so far, with gross, attendance and ticket average all increasing. The musical earned $2,082,651.70 with 13,689 theatregoers in the audience – the average ticket cost $152.14.

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ – which has entered its final month on Broadway – had to cancel its two performances on August 20 as there was an issue with the theatre’s air conditioning system. However, the musical played to more than 100% capacity last week for its other performances, as did ‘Hamilton’, ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘MJ’.

‘Come from Away’ has also entered the final weeks of its Broadway run and posted its best week financially since December last year. It earned $636,113.72, which is an increase of 12%. It also played to 88% capacity, up 10%.

Only six productions played to less than 80% capacity, which included ‘Beetlejuice’, ‘Chicago’, ‘Funny Girl’, ‘Mr Saturday Night’, ‘The Kite Runner’ and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’.

Image: Andy Willis on Unsplash