Maryland Ensemble Theatre offers Pay What You Will initiative

Featured image credit: Jonatan Moerman on Unsplash

Maryland Ensemble Theatre has introduced a Pay What You Will initiative for MainStage and Fun Company productions.

The theatre, which is located in Frederik, Maryland, is hoping the scheme will boost its aim to create anti-oppressive artistic spaces and dedication to producing work that is representative of the community. 

The initiative will also mean the theatre will be more accessible to those in the local community. 

In a press release, the theatre said: “We realise that our past actions did not consistently fuel the deeper work and progress needed for us to create a theatre that is truly inclusive, specifically of traditionally marginalised populations. 

“We aspire to reflect the community around us by fostering and maintaining diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our efforts must be continuous, intentional and evolving.”

Maryland Ensemble Theatre has allocated a limited number of tickets for the Pay What You Will initiative for each performance. Due to ticketing fees, the tickets will start at $5 (£4/€5) each and there will be 10 Mainstage tickets and six allocated for Fun Company productions. 

Mainstage seating is assigned while Fun Company is general admission. 

Melynda Burdette Wintrol, Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s interim managing director, said: “The PWYW program increases accessibility and allows patrons to reserve tickets in advance online, via phone, or in person at the box office creating the same patron experience for all ticket buyers and removing the pricing barrier that prevents some folks from exploring local professional theatre.”