Austin’s Paramount & State Theatres opt for True Tickets integration

Featured Image: Vinicius “amnx” Amano on Unsplash

True Tickets has linked up with Paramount & State Theatres – also known as the Austin Theatre Alliance – to not only play an important part in enhancing the ticketing experience for the theatres involved in this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW), but also the upcoming Moontower Just For Laughs Austin Comedy Festival in April.

Switching to the digital ticket delivery service designed for Tessitura organisations will help to reduce the theatres’ environmental impact, as well as enhancing security against fraud.

The integration of True Tickets with the Paramount and State’s current Tessitura system will allow for an efficient, real-time verification process. It will also help to provide insightful analytics that can be used to create strategies to enhance customer engagement.

Austin’s Moontower Just For Laughs Austin Comedy Festival hosts a line-up of over 100 comedians every April, including the likes of Margaret Cho, Leslie Jones and Dave Chappelle.

Matt Zarracina, chief executive of True Tickets, said: “We’re thrilled to contribute to the Moontower Just For Laughs Austin Comedy Festival. Our technology will not only streamline the ticketing process but also enrich the festival experience for every attendee. In addition to Moontower, we’re also excited to support the Paramount and State Theatres year-round as they deliver unique experiences to the community and work to keep Austin weird!”

Sydney Peloquin, senior director of analytics, Paramount & State Theatres, added: “Our ambition is to leverage the proven capabilities of True Tickets beyond the Moontower, but the festival is a great opportunity for us to announce our partnership. We aim to utilise this solution across a variety of events to ensure our ticketing experience meets the high standard our audiences expect.”

The Moontower Just For Laughs Austin Comedy Festival will run from April 10-21.