Paris 2024 Olympics first draw to open this week

Featured image credit: Paris 2024

Paris 2024 has launched its ticketing campaign for the Olympic Games, which will see all tickets sold from a single digital platform for the first time.

This week, from December 1, fans will be able to apply for tickets from anywhere in the world. The draw will run until January 31. 

This particular sales phase is dedicated to tailor-made ‘Make Your Games’ packages, where fans are able to customise their Olympic experience. These packages consist of three sessions with attendees able to select from a range of sports. For each session, potential spectators will be able to apply for up to six tickets and each ticketing account will be able to access a maximum 10 packs. 

All tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be available through just one digital platform. This means that buyers will be able to manage their tickets safely and securely.

At previous Games, hopefuls had to reserve tickets before waiting to see if they were successful in the draw process. However, organisers of Paris 2024 have introduced a random draw at the beginning of the process, which means those successful in the draw will be able to access the platform for available tickets for 48 hours. 

This process means that customers will be guaranteed to receive the tickets that they pay for. 

To increase a chance of securing tickets to highly sought-after events, fans are encouraged to sign up to Club Paris 2024 and gain access to the first four days of the sale of tailor-made packs if they are successful in the draw. This sale for successful Club Paris 2024 members will run from February 15-18. 

Fans that have been selected will receive an email with a specific time slot, offering access to the ‘Make Your Games’ packs for 48 hours.

Tony Estanguet, president of Paris 2024, said: “Living the Games in real life, in the stands, is an experience that deeply marks, with unforgettable moments shared with loved ones and an audience from all over the world.

“But living the Games in real life and at home only happens once every hundred years. The Paris 2024 ticket office is gone, and for this first phase of sale, we are happy to offer you tailor-made packs, to compose yourself to see your favourite sports and discover new ones.”

Estanguet added: “For the Games, we wanted accessible tickets, with half of them at 50 euros and less and entrance fees at 24 euros in all sports. We also wanted to offer a much simpler and more fluid experience thanks to our unique platform system. So take a few minutes to register for the draw to have access to the ticket office, and come and live the Games with us.”

Almost half of the tickets for the Paris 2024 Games are priced at just €50 (€43/$52) or less for the general public, and one million tickets priced at €24 – the entry price for all 32 sports except for surfing, where no tickets will be sold. A third of the tickets for medal events will be available for €100 or less. 

There will be up to five categories of seats – 1st, A, B, C and D. The most expensive ticket will cost €980.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games will have additional categories and buyers will be able to access tickets during a later, individual ticket sales phase. 

The Paris Olympic Games will take place from Friday, July 26 until Sunday, August 11 in 2024.