Liverpool FC reveals new ticket pricing and structures

Featured image credit: Finn on Unsplash

English Premier League club Liverpool has switched up ticket pricing and structures for the 2023-24 season, as it is set to open its newly renovated Anfield Road Stand in the summer. 

While ticket prices have been frozen for the past eight seasons, the majority of general admission matchday tickets will increase by 2%. This equates to a £1 (€1/$2) per game increase for members’ match tickets and no more than £17 will be added to the total price of a season ticket.

The rise is attributed to increasing costs across the club and in the past five years, annual operating costs for Anfield have shot up by 40% with utility costs having gone up by 100% this season alone.

Juniors and the local general sale will remain unaffected by the price rises.

In a statement, the club said: “LFC carefully considered all aspects of these ticketing changes and did not take the decision lightly to increase prices. The club engaged with the LFC Supporters Board and together discussed the potential impact of any price increase on fans. These open and honest discussions led to the club making the decision to limit the rise to 2%.”

Liverpool also noted that the Anfield Road Stand expansion is set to be completed this summer and will provide another 7,000 seats next season. It is the third major build project undertaken by the club in recent years, following the development of the Main Stand in 2016 and the opening of the AXA Training Centre in 2020.

The latest redevelopment will take Anfield’s overall capacity to 61,000.

It will see roughly 1,000 new season tickets allocated and more than 3,000 new general admission tickets made available per game for the members sale.

The expansion will also have a new young adult section in the lower tier, behind the goal. This means that the number of tickets available to young supporters has doubled in the Anfield Road Stand, with more than a quarter of all seats set aside for younger fans.

The new stand has also enabled the creation of a dedicated concourse and seating area for disabled supporters, plus an additional changing places facility. Supporters that use a wheelchair will be able to watch games from a number of vantage points across Anfield. There will be 263 accessible bays for all competitions and the provision has been developed through long-term consultation with key stakeholders, including the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association.

The 2023-24 season ticket renewal period will run from March 30 to May 24.