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Co-op Live signs up with European Arenas Association

Co-op Live


Co-op Live has become the latest member to join the European Arenas Association (EAA).

The Oak View Group-operated arena, which will be the UK’s largest indoor live entertainment venue when it opens in December, is the fifth new member since EAA set out its realigned vision in 2021. It now has 37 members in total, including Paris’ Accor Arena, Rotterdam’s Ahoy, and Budapest Arena.

Olivier Toth, EAA’s president, said: “Co-op Live is setting the standard for the modern arena to deliver a safe, sustainable and inclusive entertainment environment for all stakeholders and we are very pleased they are joining us in our efforts to build a better and stronger industry.”

The association was formed to spread best practice across its member arenas, provide a forum for the discussion and development of new themes and ideas, and to showcase its members’ dedication to providing a safe, high quality and unique entertainment experience for fans.

Gary Roden, Co-op Live’s executive director and general manager, said: “Co-op Live is preparing to bring the best global talent to Manchester with a strong commitment to community and planet. As the UK’s largest and most sustainable live entertainment arena, we look forward to working closely with The EAA to further cement the evolving role of venues on a local, national, and international scale.”

Meanwhile, EAA has also welcomed Paris Entertainment Company chief executive Nicolas Dupeux to its board of directors. He will be directly responsible for EAA members from the central European region.

Dupeux said, “The demand for entertainment is booming in Europe and we have taken this into account in the development of the customer experiences at the Accor Arena. I’m really enthusiastic to discuss with my counterparts about their ecosystem and to share with them what we’ve learned about our transformation and the creation of a unique business model in France.”