Nederlander backs Hollywoodcom Live theatre ticket venture


Photo by Sudan Ouyang on Unsplash

Entertainment news website Hollywoodcom and Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment (NWE) have announced the formation of a joint venture that will sell tickets for Broadway, West End and regional theatre shows.

Hollywoodcom Live will leverage the news website’s reach to drive user traffic towards ticket sales. It will also cross-sell tickets to theatrical productions via youth-focussed theatre news site Theatrely, which the new business has acquired.

Hollywoodcom Live will be headed by entrepreneurs Laurie Silvers, Mitchell Rubenstein and Robert Nederlander Jr. Silvers and Rubenstein are the founders of Syfy Channel, Broadwaycom, and MovieTickets, and the co-founders of Misfits Gaming Group.

Robert Nederlander Jr said: “The intersection of Hollywood and Broadway provides a synergistic opportunity to expand the audience for theatre in markets worldwide.”

Rubenstein said: “This new venture and the Theatrely acquisition is a huge positive for theatre productions and consumers. We have the opportunity to substantially expand the audience for legitimate theatrical productions. This is a win-win.”

Theatrely has rapidly ascended to prominence in the industry since its inception as a college radio show turned burgeoning media outlet during the pandemic. With its comprehensive coverage of all things theatre from Broadway and London’s West End to regional productions, Theatrely seeks to offer a fresh perspective and has cultivated a dedicated online community. The platform has sought to be at the forefront of redefining how younger audiences engage with theatre, bridging cultural gaps, and revolutionising the use of social media in the theatre community.

“The team at Live is some of the best in the business,” said Kobi Kassal, Theatrely’s co-founder. “We are enthusiastic about this opportunity to expand our reach to wider audiences.”