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Ballet Austin opts for True Tickets partnership

Featured Image: Nihal Demirci Erenay on Unsplash

True Tickets, a provider of secure digital ticket delivery for the Tessitura Network, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Ballet Austin. 

Using True Ticket’s digital ticket delivery, Ballet Austin patrons can conveniently access tickets through their mobile devices. Customers will also be able to seamlessly transfer tickets to friends or family members, with Ballet Austin having access to information on who holds the tickets and controls to minimise unauthorised resale.

True Tickets recently launched phase two of its rules-based ticket sharing functionality, which allows venues greater customisation and control over ticketing rules.

Cookie Ruiz, executive director of Ballet Austin, said: “Our partnership with True Tickets is one that will help our patrons easily access their tickets through a seamless and secure process.

“Across the country nonprofit arts organisations are discovering entities buying nonprofit performance tickets online, only to resell them to unsuspecting people at much higher prices…people who are unaware that they are not buying from the arts organisation itself.

“Because nonprofits fundraise throughout the year to subsidise ticket prices in order to keep them affordable, those profiting by taking advantage of our valued audience members are effectively stealing from our generous community members supporting our commitment to make art financially accessible to all. Ticketing for nonprofit arts organisations should be safe and secure. True Tickets is leading the way across the US to address this growing issue.”

Matt Zarrancina, chief executive of True Tickets, added: “We are honoured to join forces with Ballet Austin, a dynamic dance company that pushes the boundaries of artistic expression through the power of dance.

“Having delivered over four million tickets, we are excited to introduce our innovative and proven ticket delivery solution to arts enthusiasts in this dynamic city. Together with Ballet Austin, we aim to take a stand against scalping while empowering unforgettable experiences.”