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Music Australia to invest A$900,000 with help of new partners

Featured Image: Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash

Music Australia has partnered with The Push, the Association of Artist Managers, Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR), and the Live Music Office to deliver A$900,000 (£465,000/$580,000/€550,000) of investments this year.

The scheme is aimed at fostering growth and development within the contemporary music industry.

The quartet of new partners currently provide services for artists, creative workers, organisations and enterprises.

“We’re thrilled to partner with these four leading trade associations and peak bodies, increasing their value and potency for their respective communities, whilst strengthening the Australian music industry ecosystem,” said Music Australia director Millie Millgate.

The Push is due to receive A$250,000 to develop programmes for young people entering the music industry, focusing on creative skills, small business practices, and increased sector capacity.

The Association of Artist Managers, is also allocated $250,000, and will provide support and resources for Australian music managers, enhancing skills and business practices to help them in the industry.

AIR is set to use its A$200,000 investment to support independent record labels and distributors. It will focus on skill development, digital marketing, and the provision of an annual awards show and industry conference.

With its A$200,000 grant The Live Music Office will partner with local councils to build the capacity of local live music communities.