Wicket speeds up Cleveland Browns entry by 400%

Featured Image: Courtesy of Wicket

Facial authentication platform provider Wicket has revealed that its partnership with the Cleveland Browns has helped speed up fan entrance to the NFL team’s stadium by 400%.

According to Wicket, since rolling out its technology with the team, each ticket-holder takes on average less than two seconds to enter the Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Wicket also said the Browns can now clear its gates 10 minutes faster while the franchise has been able to reduce the space needed for ticketing ingress operations by 75%. This, the provider said, helps save the team on average $8,000 (£6,000/€7,000) per Wicket ticketing lane per season.

The Browns began working with Wicket back in 2020 and, over the last three seasons, has increased the programme to 20 dedicated Express Access ticketing lanes.

In addition, the partnership was expanded last year to offer fans facial age verification and mobile order pickup at Cleveland Cold Ones locations in the stadium.

“The implementation of Express Access has provided fans with a best-in-class experience. Following the addition of age verification and mobile order pickup, fans opted into an experience they couldn’t get anywhere else in the NFL,” Browns‘s vice-president of technology Brandon Covert said.

“Our fans who used Express Access had entry satisfaction ratings of 9.7 versus traditional mobile ticketing methods where scores averaged 8.5 on the season.”

Wicket chief executive Sanjay Manandhar added: “We are proud to be partnering with the Cleveland Browns to improve the experience for fans, staff, players, and press at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

“We look forward to continuing to expand the role of Wicket’s secure facial authentication platform to reduce friction, boost security, and improve the fan experience for all Browns fans.”