Tickets for Color Star’s Dubai boxing bout go on sale

Featured Image: ZQ Lee on Unsplash

Color Star Technology and the World Boxing Association (WBA) have revealed that tickets are now available for the Color World Cup – WBA World Tour, a championship belt fight held in Dubai later this month.

Six fighters will be competing in Dubai on August 26, featuring China’s Zhang Zhaoxin and Wang Lequan, Cameroon’s Rolly Lambert Fogoum, Thailand’s Phoobadin  Yoohanngoh and Tewa Kiram, and Cuba’s Yan Marcos. 

“Through this competition, these six outstanding boxers can further improve themselves in order to compete for the WBA gold belt, while also promote and popularise this competition,” said Color Star chief executive Louis Luo. 

This year, Color Star has aimed to increase its efforts in the live entertainment events sector, and has combined with international sporting associations to organise these events. 

Tickets have been released across several platforms to help maximise event ticketing revenue for the entertainment technology company. 

Luo added: “With help from the famous and storied branding of the WBA, the event will also increase commercial revenue through live broadcasting deals, commercial sponsorship, commercial advertisements, and so on. In the future, Color Star plans to present many more exciting events and performances to promote sports events and cultural events.”