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Canadian theatre witnesses a local boost

Featured Image: Rob Laughter on Unsplash

Espace Théâtre, a venue in Mont-Laurier in northwest Quebec, Canada, has announced record sales with an increase of 26% compared to last year.

According to local newspaper L’info de la Lièvre, ticketing revenues had amounted to C$362,467 (£211,000/€247,000/$268,000) at the launch of the previous season, while this season’s opening figures totalled C$491,841. 

The report added that this was the best start to a season for the Espace Théâtre since it opened in 2014. 

Subscription numbers have also increased this season, improving from 460 to 560, with eight shows sold out. 

Espace Théâtre general and artistic director, Isabel Vaillancourt, told the newspaper: “As the pandemic ends, we are witnessing a renewal of customers in addition to consolidating our loyal spectators. 

“This phenomenon, combined with the digital shift in ticketing, a rich and diversified programming, as well as the fact that the influence of the Espace Théâtre continues to evolve, explains this increase.”