ASM Global unveils global student programme

ASM Global’s Denny Sanford Premier Center, South Dakota

Featured image: ASM Global

ASM Global has unveiled plans for a major global university student programme designed to progress the industry’s next generation of leaders.

The new GROW programme provides its portfolio of venues around the world with the necessary resources to create internship programmes and meaningful work experiences for university students. GROW career experiences are available in marketing, operations, event management, human resources, finance, IT, sales, procurement, guest service, security, and food and beverage.

By the end of 2023, GROW will be hosting over 100 university students around the globe with many more than that in 2024.

Ron Bension, ASM Global’s president and chief executive, said: “GROW is an acronym for gathering knowledge, realising your potential, opportunities awaiting and engaging in work that matters. We intend to deliver all of that and more to students who want to be a part of the next generation of leaders in one of the world’s most exciting and fulfilling careers: live entertainment.”

Career development opportunities

GROW builds on an existing US programme, which has this year granted a record number of US college scholarships. Funded by the ASM Global Acts Foundation, ASM Global Stars Scholarship gives students in under-resourced communities across the US educational and career development opportunities, creating accessible pathways to pursue their education and career goals.

The programme this year has awarded 50 scholarships valued at $125,000 (up from 28 and $70,000 last year) to students in 39 cities (up from 14 in 2022).

Shauna Elvin, chief human resources officer, said: “We’re committed to curating introductory opportunities and exposure in the universe of venue management throughout our business units internationally. Through engaging hands-on opportunities, students from diverse backgrounds will develop business acumen, grow their professional network, and meaningfully contribute to the organization and brand’s growth.”