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Scottish rugby giants switch to digital ticketing with Tixserve

Edinburgh Rugby in action

Featured image credit: Tixserve

In a landmark move towards operational efficiency and enhanced fan engagement, Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby have announced their transition to digital ticketing.

Starting with the upcoming United Rugby Championship, both clubs will leverage the existing Scottish Rugby Ticketing app, powered by Tixserve, to exclusively distribute their match tickets and season passes. This strategic initiative promises to revolutionise the clubs’ approach to streamlining ticket delivery and gaining direct access to their fans.

The shift to digital ticketing marks a significant milestone for both clubs as the solution will eliminate the logistic complexities and costs associated with traditional paper-based ticketing.

Both clubs will benefit from improved efficiency in ticket distribution, tracking and reporting. Tixserve’s Distribution Portal will also be utilised extensively by both clubs for allocating tickets to sponsors and competing teams.

Real-time data

Tixserve’s robust digital ticketing platform will provide Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby with real-time data and access to detailed analytics on ticket activity and behaviour. This invaluable information will empower both clubs to make informed business decisions along with enhancing the fan experience and their marketing strategies.

With the solution’s patented security features, the clubs can rest assured knowing the risk of duplicate or counterfeit tickets is reduced and look forward to the improved operational efficiencies on matchday.

The digital ticketing platform will open up new avenues for fan engagement and communication. Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby will now be able to communicate directly with fans through the app for event-related operational messages and marketing promotions. Similarly, the flexible digital ticket will enable both clubs to upload real-time content, promotions and personalised experiences before, during and after match day to build anticipation and assist in converting one-time visitors into loyal fans.

Glasgow Warriors managing director, Al Kellock, said: “We are determined to make sure we continually make steps that improve our match days week-on-week and season-on-season. Moving to digital ticketing is a significant enhancement for both our supporters and the club alike.

“Tixserve is a tried and tested system with Scottish Rugby introducing it last season, and it’s now a welcome addition to Glasgow Warriors events. It means we can give supporters their matchday information all in one place, make tickets easily and quickly accessible, and provide the option to transfer tickets to friends and family at the click of a button.

“This platform will also give us a deeper understanding of buying trends and when supporters want to access game day information, which in turn will allow us to tailor our service to best suit them.”

Matchday experience

Edinburgh Rugby’s managing director, Douglas Struth, said: “Moving to a digital ticketing system is a really positive step forward for the club and will provide our supporters with a much-improved matchday experience, with tickets easily accessible and shareable from one place, on an app that is now proven and well-received at Scottish Rugby.

“As a club, we’re constantly thriving to enhance all aspects of our matchday, whether that’s fan zone entertainment, our clubhouse or how we deliver tickets to supporters. With a digital ticketing system and app now in place for the club, our supporters can benefit immensely from improved matchday information, the ability to transfer tickets, and an easy-to-use interface all in the palm of their hand.

“Alongside Glasgow, Edinburgh Rugby is a true trailblazer in the BKT United Rugby Championship with regards to launching a digital ticketing app. The club is delighted to be working with both Scottish Rugby and Tixserve in forging new ground, with innovation at the forefront of the club’s key principles.”

Tixserve’s managing director, Patrick Kirby, commented: “We are delighted to partner with two esteemed clubs, Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby, on this exciting journey. This transition signifies not only an enhancement in operational efficiency but also a commitment to delivering an unparalleled fan experience.

“Tixserve is proud to support the event organisers in streamlining their ticketing operations, offering precise data insights, elevating security and facilitating direct communication with ticket holders. We look forward to the continued success of this partnership and its potential to redefine ticket delivery in the industry.”