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Glastonbury general tickets sell out in under an hour

Featured Image: Joe Green on Unsplash

Glastonbury tickets sold out in just under an hour, as all general passes were snapped up for the 2024 edition just before 10am local time. 

Fans lined up computers and mobile devices in an attempt to secure tickets for the UK’s flagship music festival from 9am yesterday (Sunday).

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Glastonbury said: “Our thanks to everyone who bought one and we’re sorry to those of you who missed out, on a morning when demand greatly exceeded supply.”

The post added that there will be a resale of any cancelled or returned tickets in spring 2024.

Last week, coach and ticket bundles for the festival sold out in under half an hour.

Organiser Emily Eavis posted on Instagram: “Thank you to everyone who tried to get a ticket. We’re blown away that so many people want to come (we all still remember the years when they didn’t) and I’m sorry that many of you missed out.

“Demand far exceeds supply and with many millions of devices trying at once, it means the system can only work at a certain speed. But we don’t take any of your support for granted.”

Glastonbury partners with See Tickets to sell its tickets, with the ticketing platform asking fans to “bear with” yesterday morning due to high demand. See Tickets also asked that hopefuls only used one device and one tab so the system could serve as many people as quickly as possible.

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