Arsenal season ticket price rise met with fan anger

Featured Image: Photo by Who’s Denilo on Unsplash

Arsenal Football Club has increased the price of its season tickets by 6% in the 60,704-capacity Emirates Stadium’s lower tier and 4% in the upper tier, which has sparked discontent among supporters.

The clubs claims that the price rise for the 2024-25 season is due to rising stadium operation costs, as it looks to return to a self-sustaining financial model requiring additional revenue.

“Our ambition is to continue competing at the highest level and investing in our teams in an environment where costs continue to rise,” read a club statement.

“We are also continuing to make investments to improve the matchday experience for our supporters at Emirates Stadium.”

The decision follows last season’s 5% increase in season ticket prices and a reduction in the number of games included in a season ticket from 26 to 22 in February 2023.

Season tickets for the 2023-24 campaign cost between £331 ($417/€386) and £1,895.50.

The Arsenal Supporters Trust has expressed its disappointment at the season ticket price increase.

“We are disappointed Arsenal chose to reject our call for a freeze in ticket prices given the club will benefit from playing more home matches next season,” the statement read.

“These proposals mean a supporter buying an Arsenal season ticket for 2024-25 will pay approximately 10% more than this season.

“This size of increase is unnecessary at a time when club revenues from broadcast and commercial revenues will increase by up to £150m over two seasons to exceed a predicted half a billion pounds during this current season.

“Most disappointingly the club could have mitigated the impact of this price increase by making available the option of purchasing a 19-game Premier League-only season ticket for those who wanted it, as happens at the vast majority of Premier League clubs.

“Previous discussions with the club had been positive about this option and we will continue to press for this for the 2025-26 season.”