Principality Stadium made more accessible for people with disabilities

Featured Image: Dominic Nelson/CC BY-SA 4.0

The Principality Stadium has entered into a new partnership with Nimbus Disability, with the aim of making ticketing and access to the venue more inclusive for fans with accessibility needs.

By working with Nimbus and its Access Card technology, supporters who require accessible tickets will be able to book online via the Welsh Rugby Union’s (WRU) ticketing platform. Previously, they could only do so over the phone.

Access Card technology also offers greater privacy as fans will no longer need to carry supporting documents or explain their disability to staff.

“We are thrilled to work with Nimbus Disability and introduce their groundbreaking Access Card technology to Principality Stadium,” said Principality Stadium manager Mark Williams.

“This innovative solution will revolutionise the ticketing experience for disabled attendees, ensuring they can seamlessly book tickets, access the stadium, and enjoy all that our venue has to offer. This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all fans.”

The Access Card system translates its holder’s disability requirements into symbols which highlight the barriers they face.

When cardholders book tickets online, it automatically informs the booking system about the access requirements that individuals need.

This is claimed to have vastly improved access for disabled people who previously had to provide benefit entitlement letters, or supply personal information each time they booked tickets.

“The Access Card is all about providing consistency for disabled people – whether that is going to a sports fixture or a live music concert,” said managing director of Nimbus Disability, Martin Austin.

“As disabled people ourselves, our mission is to provide a universal, digitised way of communicating all verified access requirements, from eligibility for companion tickets to the necessity for wheelchair-accessible seating provision.

“Our system enables each access requirement flagged to be integrated directly into ticketing systems to remove the need to continually call ‘special’ booking lines’ and fill in ‘special’ booking forms or answer personal and invasive questions over the phone.

“Ultimately our operating system lessens the administrative burden on disabled people at the same time as opening up equality of access to online ticketing solutions for venues.”

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