Maggie Rogers to tackle scalpers with in-person ticketing

Featured Image: Maddy Rotman

Singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers has taken it into her own hands once more to tackle ticket scalpers and bots, by selling tickets at the physical box office, and in some cases, in-person.

The move to sell physical tickets has accompanied the announcement of Roger’s first-ever arena tour in the US, ‘The Don’t Forget Me Tour, Part II’, which will kick off in October. This will be preceded by ‘The Don’t Forget Me Tour Part I’ which will begin next month in San Diego, and also includes two nights at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado a week later.  

It is the second time Rogers has deployed this style of ticketing following her last tour. During ‘Box Office Week’, which is in celebration of her third studio album Don’t Forget Me, there will be pop-up events and intimate gigs in four US cities. Rogers herself will even pop up to sell tickets to fans.

“On the last album, Surrender, I decided to go old school and sell tickets in-person in an effort to reduce fees, combat bots and get tickets directly into the hands of fans,” said Rogers. 

“That process was so fun, this year I’m hosting ‘Box Office Week’, where I’ve set some special prices for fans who want to come purchase tickets in person.  Here’s how it’s going to work, from April 13 to April 20, in every city where I’m playing an arena this fall, you can go to the local box office to choose your seats and buy your ticket for a special in-person price.

“In NYC, Philly, Boston, and Chicago, I’m going to be in person selling tickets directly to you at the box office. After the box office day festivities, I’ll be playing a show that very same night in those four cities where me and my band will perform Don’t Forget Me for the very first time.”

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