TEG, the owner of Australian ticketing operator Ticketek is hoping to enhance its digital customer experience by providing real-time data streams.

The strategy will open up new avenues to connect with customers by providing data streams to venues, sports codes, teams and travel package bookers.

Ticketek claims to sell more than 28 million tickets per year, covering 20,000 events, including concerts, sports, theatre, musicals, festivals, exhibitions, VIP experiences and family events.

The initiative reinforces the firm’s technology strategy, which is looking to refresh and open Ticketek’s “core system of record” up to external partners, as well as for internal uses like data analytics.

Matt Cudworth, chief technology officer labelled it “innovation through integration”.

Most recently, Ticketek linked up with database-as-a-service MongoDB’s Atlas, which is to serve as the data layer for the core transactional systems needed to power the multi-channel ticket sales and distribution network, Ticketek hopes to drive innovation through open integration and real time data streaming with clients and partners.

Every Ticketek ticket sale will pass through an e-commerce platform backed by fully managed MongoDB databases on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The platform feeds a network of new real-time data integration and dashboards, providing insights into trends and ticket sales performance.

The data associated with each transaction is also streamed into Amazon Redshift, AWS’s cloud data warehouse solution, which powers Ticketek’s reporting suite. Real time data streaming, using Amazon Kinesis and Lamdba, enables Ticketek to personalise its communications and deliver a better digital-first customer experience.

“Our technology strategy is basically to open up our platform and mindset to build out an open ecosystem that’s driven from innovation through integration … giving our customers and partners the ability to leverage our platform to reimagine the customer experience,” Cudworth said.

“Over the past couple of years we’ve built out a full API architecture, we’ve committed to real-time data streaming, and we’ve started opening that up to our venue partners like the MCG and to some of the sporting teams.

“That’s now starting to power their vision for customer experience for their particular audience.”

The firm’s strategy also considers the impact of providing developers with the technologies that they wish to work with.

“Developers are kingmakers in organisations, and being able to give them a set of technologies that excites them, is what they want to work with, and aligns to the company’s objectives, can be a very powerful thing,” he said.