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StubHub Canada launches French-language option

Online ticketing platform StubHub has officially launched the French-language version of its desktop, mobile application and mobile website platforms in a continued effort to push for growth in Canada.

The new feature will allow customers to buy tickets in English and French – Canada’s official languages.

StubHub sold more than one million tickets to 5,000-plus events in Canada last year, hence its renewed interest in capitalising on the country’s bilingual status.

It also noted that the Canadian ticket market is estimated at more than CAN$6bn (£3.6bn/€4.3bn/$4.6bn), with reselling at about $1.5bn.

StubHub recently indicated it is looking to move away from the secondary market and focus on primary ticketing, merchandise sales, transport and dining, and accommodation.

The laws governing ticket reselling vary by province in Canada. In the predominantly French-speaking Quebec, brokers are unable to resell a ticket for more than face value without first obtaining permission from the ticket’s original vendor.

The company said that the move furthers its goal of providing a “truly localised product on its safe and transparent marketplace for fans from coast to coast”.

“We know that Quebecers love live events; in fact, Montreal is currently our third largest market in Canada and it has the potential to be even higher, with hundreds of events available in 2016 alone,” said Jeff Poirier, general manager of StubHub Canada.

“By launching a bilingual capability we’re thrilled to provide the user experience that French Canadians want and deserve to have. At StubHub, we’re focused on creating a truly Canadian product for consumers across the nation, as we continue to invest in 2017 to make that happen.”

StubHub announced earlier in the year that its Canada website will also allow customers the ability to make transactions in Canadian dollars. This feature will be added in the second half of the year for events in Canada, and eventually consumers will be able to purchase tickets to events around the world in Canadian dollars.