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Tottenham reduce ticket prices for Wembley season

Tottenham Hotspur fans will pay less to watch their team next season after the club unveiled its ticket pricing structure for Wembley Stadium.

Tottenham announced last week that it will play at the national stadium during the 2017-18 season as work on the Premier League club’s new home ground is completed.

Spurs’ capacity at White Hart Lane this season has been just 32,000, but it could play all 19 league games in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley.

The cheapest adult season ticket for 2017-18 will be £695 ($900/€820), which is £70, or around 10 per cent, less than this year.

The most expensive Tottenham tickets are cheaper too, with Club Wembley Category 1 tickets in the middle tier on the halfway line available for £1,700. This compares to the £1,895 for the most expensive season ticket at White Hart Lane during 2016-17.

In a statement, Tottenham said: “The majority of season-ticket holders will see a reduction in price on a near-comparable 19 Premier League game season ticket at White Hart Lane when looking at our pricing for Wembley Season ticket seats on Levels 1 and 5. A small number of season-ticket holders will see an equivalent price should they elect to remain in a similar area.

“Additionally, concession tickets will be available in all areas of the stadium and not confined to just one area as at White Hart Lane.”

The club said the pricing of season tickets for 2017-18 is for 19 Premier League games only. It decided to detach the two home cup fixtures that have previously been included in the season ticket package to allow “greater flexibility with pricing and accommodation of away allocations”.

Each season-ticket holder from the 2016-17 season will initially be pre-allocated a seat at Wembley alongside the supporters they currently sit with at White Hart Lane. Initially, they need to decide whether or not to accept the seat that has been reserved for them at Wembley during the first phase of renewals.

The club said: “A second renewal window will provide an opportunity for existing season-ticket holders that do not currently sit together with friends or relatives, or who wish to upgrade, to now do so.”