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eBay Ashes tickets cancelled by Cricket Australia

Thousands of Ashes tickets obtained by scalpers and being sold on eBay have been cancelled by Cricket Australia.

The 2,890 tickets were for December’s Ashes Test in Perth, which is the third of Australia’s five-Test series against England.

Australian cricket’s governing body said the tickets will be placed back on sale next week, and said its actions were a warning to scalpers.

“This is a very clear message to those who try to take advantage of the system and scalp tickets at inflated prices,” said Anthony Everard, Cricket Australia’s executive general manager.

“We will identify and cancel tickets. Our message to all fans is to not support this practice.

“Whilst we understand this leads to disappointment with some days of our Tests sold out, you should only purchase from official ticket agencies to ensure you only pay the official prices.”

Everard said fans buying tickets from unauthorised resellers, such as eBay, Viagogo, Ticketmaster Resale and Gumtree, risked paying too much or being given invalid tickets.

“Unfortunately we are unable to assist fans or verify any tickets purchased through resellers,” he said.

IMAGE: Dan Heap