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Reeperbahn Festival partners with Keychange project for women in music

Reeperbahn Festival has become a partner of Keychange, a project that seeks to promote the role of women in music.

The event, which takes place in Hamburg later this month, has joined the German Association of Independent Music Companies (VUT) as the German partner of a project initiated by the British Performing Rights Society (PRS) Foundation.

The kick-off of Keychange, including a presentation of the programme, will be celebrated at Reeperbahn Festival 2017.

Reeperbahn said: “Keychange’s objective is to strengthen the role of women in all areas of music and to highlight both the creative and economic potential that women’s contributions in music can unlock.”

From September 20-23, the Reeperbahn Festival will present more than 800 events spanning a range of genres in locations around Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. Since its debut in 2006, the Reeperbahn Festival has grown to become one of the most important meeting places for the music industry worldwide, and, as Europe’s largest club festival, it boasts a broad spectrum of emerging artists.

The Reeperbahn Festival also offers a conference programme designed for professionals active in the music and creative digital industries and features sessions, showcases, networking events, or award ceremonies. Sessions on the programme include ‘The Darknet For Tickets’ and ‘The Great Secondary Ticketing Swindle’.

The PRS Foundation said that through Keychange showcases and collaborations, a programme of creative labs and a digital platform will give a new network of 60 women the chance to extend their reach to audiences across Europe and connect with the pioneering work of leaders from tech, design, music, audiovisual and other sectors which are shaping creative industries development.

According to a PRS Foundation statement: “Our mission is to accelerate the industry’s recognition of women’s potential artistic and economic value so that we can transform the music industry for current and future generations.”

IMAGE: Melanie Richter