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Dutch ticket sellers hailed for action on drip pricing

Ticket vendors in the Netherlands are now compliant with consumer law over drip pricing according to the nation’s business regulator.

The Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) earlier this year threatened to fine any operators adding extra fees during the booking process, such as administrative or print costs.

ACM gave operators until October 1 to comply with Dutch law, which stipulates that vendors must include and display all unavoidable costs in the base price and at the start of the booking process.

It said that an assessment of the major online providers of tickets for concerts, theatre shows and festivals showed that operators had taken action.

Bernadette van Buchem, director of ACM’s Consumer Department, said: “ACM has established that the sector has turned a corner. Trade organisations have played a positive role in that process.

“Consumers are now able to see at the start of the booking process what a ticket will cost them, including all unavoidable costs. This will enable them to compare prices better. Providers are able to compete more fairly on price.”

ACM reiterated that it will “impose sanctions” on those “that have not made adjustments to pricing or have not sufficiently done so”. ACM has called on consumers to report ticket vendors that do not include all unavoidable costs.

The ACM said: “With transparent prices, consumers are able to compare prices more easily. This promotes fair competition between businesses.”

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