Major US universities have seen a huge uptake of new mobile scanning and entry technology among spectators after partnering with mobile commerce firm Experience.

Experience is a firm that aims to provide flexible ticket sales and data solutions for sports and entertainment leaders to generate new revenue streams, sell more tickets and make smarter decisions. The University of North Texas and University of South Florida are among its partners.

The firm’s mobile ticketing platform is designed to eliminate hassle for patrons as they no longer need to use their student ID as a ticket, print a paper ticket or wait in line at the box office.

Experience’s 100 per cent mobile option for students combines text message reminders about game day with an easy-to-use interface that can be integrated into a school’s existing mobile app.

Junior Gaspard, Experience president and chief executive, said: “Our mobile technology has redefined the way schools think about their student ticketing programs by turning a once cumbersome process into a simple, streamlined, all-mobile platform. 

“We live in an always-connected world and results show students are utilising the new platform with ease.  In fact, at University of Southern Florida alone, more than 13,000 students gained access to games this season with mobile ticketing.

“Additionally, our school partners are able to communicate to students via text message, making the platform even more contextualised and relevant, with more new features on the horizon.”

In the most recent American football season, more than 51,000 unique students accessed mobile tickets with an additional 9,500 student guest tickets sold.

The app also adds an opportunity for schools to increase an existing revenue stream by enabling students to purchase guest tickets in just three taps from their phone.  The universities can also capture actionable data for future marketing efforts to these same friends and family attending with a guest ticket.

The University of North Texas recognised an increase in sales of more than 24 per cent for student guest tickets, as well as an overall increase of five per cent in the number of students scanning into games.

University of South Florida’s Andrew T. Goodrich, senior associate director of athletics and external relations, said: “Our students asked for an easy to use mobile ticket and the Experience platform truly delivered.

“We had a 21 per cent year-over-year increase in student attendance at football games, and I believe the ease of use on our mobile ticketing website,, combined with the timely text messaging service, played a major role in our growth.”

Image: Experience