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SeatGate wants easy access tickets for Africa

Integrated ticketing solution SeatGate has targeted becoming the “backbone of the live music business in Africa” after partnering with one of Nigeria’s top festivals.

SeatGate is a white label integrated system that enables event owners, promoters and venues to sell tickets through a central dashboard on their own platform, while managing sales through multiple channels both online and offline. It has teamed up with Gidi Culture Fest, a one-day annual event in Lagos that recently announced the first acts for 2018, including Wizkid and 2face.

SeatGate integrates into multiple platforms, such as banking apps, lifestyle apps, e-commerce sites, Facebook, online ticketing sites and enables promoters and venues to sell tickets on their own site.

All these sales channels are managed through a single dashboard and secure engine, generating a unique barcode sequence per event, regardless of the sales channel that generates the ticket.

Chin Okeke of SeatGate and Eclipse Live, told “Typically, ticketing solutions are platforms driven by attracting customers to their location. Our approach is to bring the tickets to the customer.”

SeatGate has multiple payment options that include, cards, bank transfer, USSD, M-Visa (QR Code) and more. For developing markets like Nigeria, Okeke said that this makes every event easily accessible for everybody.

He added: “SeatGate has the potential to build the backbone of the live music business in Africa by building a transparent value chain on the foundation of tickets.

“Our goal is to expose the real value in the chain to all the stakeholders from venues to artists, thereby creating an ecosystem for sustainable development and growth.”