Do you know which ticketing superhero you are? Are you new to the world of live events or have you established yourself as a corporate ticketing agency? Are you the Superman of sales or Wonder Woman of web strategy?!

TheTicketingBusinessForum (TBF) is like the G8 for ticketing specialists: Global leaders from all over the world will come together in an ultimate exchange of knowledge and experience. It’s the top networking and interactions ticketing business event of the year.

But wait, we’ll let you in on an exclusive secret: All of the attendees are a part of undercover superhero alliances. And you can become one of them!

Complete this test from sponsor Oxynade, the white-label ticketing platform, and discover which hero-family you belong. Depending on your answers in this three-minute quiz, you’ll get your new secret identity!

There’s more. You’ll also receive a Free Personalised Guide on How To Improve Your Ticketing Business Powers. In this freebie you’ll find simple steps to grow, boost and rise your sales to the next level and become ready for some new adventures.

So fill out the quiz, order your suit and we’ll see each other at POD 117 at The Marketplace for a concealed exchange of intel.

Oxynade is a sponsor of TheTicketingBusinessForum. The full programme for the Forum, taking place on 17-18 April in Manchester, can be downloaded here.

 Image: Oxynade