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AVT available on new token marketplace Airswap

Blockchain-based ticketing firm Aventus has seen its AVT coin become one of the first 25 tokens to feature on the newly launched token marketplace, Airswap.

Airswap is a decentralised exchange network designed to drive engagement and adoption of participants into many crypto markets.

Its marketplace technology allows users to obtain project-specific ERC20 tokens – such as AVT – without the attendant risk of using centralised crypto-exchanges.

By offering a trading widget to third-party applications on the network, AirSwap enables those applications to distribute their token directly to user communities, providing peer-to-peer, decentralised liquidity.

Aventus said in a statement: “We’re excited to be able to make AVT available to more users, and will continue to announce more supported platforms as we grow.”

Earlier this month, Aventus unveiled the first version of its Aventus Protocol source code.

Aventus Protocol is an open-source blockchain ticketing platform that will allow anyone to build powerful decentralised applications for the ticketing industry.

The initial release, Aventus said, represents the building blocks for new innovation in the ticketing sector.

Image: Aventus