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County bosses unhappy with cricket WC pricing

Several of county cricket’s chief executives have expressed their anger towards the proposed ticket prices for the 2019 ICC World Cup, which is to be staged in England.

Eleven of the county bosses, which are due to host matches at the tournament, said they were not consulted on which matches they would be allocated or of the prices, The Times reports.

The ICC announced ticket costs and game schedules last week, stating that they had been set to help “grow the game” of cricket and deliver a “world-class event.”

It was the England and Wales Cricket Board that set the prices, saying they were determined by research into potential demand for each match. The 11 county chief executives are concerned that it will become challenging to shift the highest-priced tickets, especially for matches between lower-ranked teams.

All 45 group matches have been broken down into five pricing tiers based on expected demand, with each match having four different ticket prices: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

The most high-profile matches, such as India against Pakistan and England against Australia, are in the tier one plus bracket for which the cheapest (bronze) tickets are £70 and the most expensive (platinum) are £240, whereas tier four matches have adult ticket prices of between £20 and £55.

One county chief told The Times that they had not been consulted on prices and that top-end tickets were more than they would charge for an Ashes Test match.

Counties are concerned that they would face criticism if there are too many empty seats at their venues. Tournament organisers, who receive all ticket revenue, are responsible for the sales.

Image: ICC