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Movie sites integrate ticketing capabilities

Movie website designer Powster has enabled full direct ticketing capabilities on its sites after linking up with Vista Group.

Powster works with all six major US studios and launches more than 170 movie sites every month.

The firm has linked up with Vista Group’s new global ticketing platform movieXchange and its MX Tickets service to allow sellers to integrate with and transact against all exhibitors.

Powster’s ticketing payments are deposited directly with the theatre, cutting out the middle man in third party ticket sales.

Powster ticketing ensures studios have full visibility and measurement of the entire purchasing process culminating in actual ticket sales.

Hollywood distributors and industry partners that have linked up with Powster and integrated ticketing into their systems include, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Paramount Pictures, and STXfilms, among others.

According to Film Journal, Powster chief executive Ste Thompson said: “We have researched into the best solution for both movie theatres and movie distributors. Our solution equally benefits both parties by enabling the movie studio to optimise their advertising and the movie theatre to retain the customer.”

Powster ticketing can also be integrated into social platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, so users can complete their ticket purchase without leaving the site.

Powster’s full ticketing service is live on Facebook Messenger where users can set reminders, watch movie trailers and organise showtimes with friends within the app.

Image: Alejandro Escamalia