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Giglist gets real fan insight with True Tickets

Blockchain ticketing platform True Tickets has integrated with Giglist, a data aggregation site for live music, to provide a true analytical view of fans to ticket partners.

Both companies’ analytics tool provides select partners with an in-depth view of the ticket transaction life cycle, according to an announcement.

Ticketing firms using the tool should have a better understanding of the demographic of the fan that actually attends the event, and therefore gives ticketing companies the opportunity to provide a more personalised experience.

Artists and promoters can now see who is actually at a concert by using information from fans such as search history, browsing behaviours, social tastes and communication sentiment analysis.

Giglist co-founder and CEO James Eddleston told Pollstar that the focus of his company is on information rather than transaction.

He said: “Our belief is that it is increasingly difficult for music fans to get a holistic view of the ever shifting and evolving live music space. Most fans end up piecing together a patchwork of different systems to try and gain that view – which is far from ideal.

“We’re aiming to provide that single source of accurate and informative data and content that fans are looking for. We’re not setting out to be a ticketing provider and as a result we can choose to work with the best in class ticketing partners to provide our users with a seamless extension of their journey.”

True Tickets CEO Matt Zarracina said that ticketing is a “very appealing opportunity” for blockchain–based firms and the technology provides “transaction integrity.”

He added: “The asset in question cannot be copied or duplicated, it can only be transacted with the circumstances surrounding that transaction recorded in an immutable ledger (who sold it, who bought it, for what price, under what rules, etc.).

“We believe this functionality can solve most of the problems encountered in the industry today. This also gets to how we, at True Tickets and Giglist, do analytics better than other applications out there. Once you have transaction integrity, you have data integrity, and with data integrity you finally have accurate and actionable information for the artists, venues, and promoters.”

Image: Martin Fisch