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Ticket price biggest factor in festival reattendance

Festival-goers reportedly consider the price of a ticket as more important than weather or distance when deciding whether to return to an event they have attended.

Around 26 per cent of people surveyed in CGA’s research said a five per cent increase in ticket prices would put them off purchasing a pass for the following year.

CGA is a data and research consultancy that provides its clients with tailored analytics, backed up by market research.

Ticket price is the top reason in affecting people’s decision to buy, while 23 per cent said fewer acts and stages would deter them from attending again.

Meanwhile, only 10 per cent of attendees consider proximity to their home a major factor when deciding on which festivals to attend. Three per cent said a change in location but the same distance from home would make people think twice about buying another ticket.

Luckily for UK festival organisers, only six per cent of those that were surveyed said weather would put a festival-goer off buying a ticket for the following year.

However, 20 per cent of people sad that none of the reason would alter their decision making on whether or not they decide to attend a festival again.

In addition 12 per cent of the UK festival sample went to a festival outside of the UK in 2017, while 30 per cent of the international festival sample visited at least one UK festival.

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