Legendary music promoter Harvey Goldsmith has called on Irish politicians to “be brave” and pass an anti-touting bill.

Business Minister Heather Humphreys hopes to pass a piece of legislation that would crackdown on scalpers that profit off reselling GAA matches and concert tickets at vastly inflated prices. However, Limerick Senator Maria Byrne said she is more concerned that the bill to prohibit the resale of sporting and entertainment tickets above face value would put jobs at risk in her county.

Viagogo has an office in Castletroy, Limerick, where 150 staff are currently employed. Byrne said she would struggle to support the Prohibition of Above-Cost Ticket Touting Bill when it is brought before the Seanad as she hopes to protect those working at Viagogo.

However, Goldsmith told TheTicketingBusiness.com he believes the piece of legislation should not be halted on the basis that a few people will lose their jobs.

“How I applauded forward thinking Ireland when it looked like they were going to pass a bill outlawing the resale of tickets,” Goldsmith told TheTicketingBusiness.com.

“Now some busybody under the thumb of lobbyists is trying to stop the bill on the basis that some people will be out of a job.

“That’s the same as saying we can’t attack terrorists or crooks because some people will be out of work!!!

“Be brave Ireland and pass the bill.”

Image: www.harveygoldsmith.com