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MoviePass imposes fresh restrictions

MoviePass has introduced further limitations on its subscribers after announcing that users will only be able to see three films per month.

While MoviePass has opted to keep its monthly price of $9.95, it has decided to move away from the unlimited movies model through which users were able to watch one movie per day.

The company has explained the move by saying that 85 per cent of its subscribers opt to see three movies or fewer per month, according to ABC 7.

The new changes will go into effect on August 15.

In making the announcement, MoviePass confirmed that it would be performing a u-turn on plans revealed last week to increase its subscription price to $14.95 per month.

MoviePass’ rivals have been attempting to take advantage of the service’s struggles.

AMC Theatres has attracted 175,000 subscribers in the five weeks since the launch of its own monthly subscription service.

Atom Tickets has launched a ‘Break Up Sweepstakes’ service, which it says helps to “ease the pain for MoviePass members as the service suffers from repeated technical outages, blockbuster blackouts and an uncertain future.”

Image: MoviePass