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Liverpool fans applaud Bayern’s pricing protest

Bayern Munich’s away fans protested ticket prices during Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League clash at Liverpool, drawing applause from the home supporters.

At the 50-minute mark of the goalless game at Anfield, the away support held up banners that read: “Away ticket LFC 48£ FCB 55€.

“Th€ gr€€d knows no £imits! Twenty is plenty.”

The huge applause erupted throughout the stadium in support of the protest by Bayern fans.

The banner that reads “Twenty is plenty” is a nod to England’s Football Supporters’ Federation initiative that is campaigning for clubs to cap ticket prices for visiting supporters at £20 (€23/$26).

Earlier this month, the Premier League voted in favour of maintaining its £30 price cap for away clubs for another three seasons, which was first introduced during the 2016-17 campaign.

Bayern fans are not new to protesting ticket prices. In 2017, the Bundesliga club’s traveling support donned a banner at Anderlecht during the Champions League match reading: “I$ your gr€€d now finally $ati$fi€d? 100€?”

The fans threw fake money onto the field, after which Anderlecht were forced to partially refund Bayern supporters as UEFA deemed the pricing was excessive. However, UEFA fined Bayern for the protest.

Liverpool supporters have also been vocal in protesting ticket prices. In 2016, more than 10,000 fans walked out during the 77th minute of a Premier League game in opposition of rising season ticket costs.

Image: Werner100359