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StubHub responds to Everton fans’ anger over prices

StubHub has responded to backlash from Everton supporters about the inflated ticket prices listed on its site.

The eBay-owned secondary market, which is the Premier League club’s official resale partner, reacted by stating fans are the ones setting prices, not the firm itself.

The Everton supporters group, the Blue Union, posted a screenshot on Twitter of pairs of tickets being sold for more than £150 (€175/$198).

The union stated: “This nonsense needs to stop. A secondary tick (sic) agent can bring many benefits to fans if it’s managed correctly. It’s imperative that no tickets should be sold on StubHubUK above face value. It’s a stain on the values held dear by the majority of Evertonian (sic).”

A spokesperson for StubHub told the Liverpool Echo: “Our partnership with Everton FC enables season ticketholders to resell tickets to games they won’t be able to attend. As a ticketing marketplace, StubHub does not set the price of tickets that appear on our site, the fans do.”

A Blue Union member added: “You often hear of fans pointing the finger firmly in the directions of fellow Blues. IMHO it’s not fellow Evertonians fleecing fans, it’s opportunists who seize the chance of making a quick buck. Simple solution – no resale above face value.”

Image: Ben Sutherland