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Wizards ticket reps ask fans to recommit as GM fired

The Washington Wizards ticket agents have been reaching out to fans that relinquished their season tickets after becoming frustrated with the now-former general manager.

The often-criticised Ernie Grunfeld was released from his post as longtime president and general manager of the NBA basketball franchise yesterday (Tuesday), causing many fans to rejoice on Twitter.

After the news dropped, ticket representatives were getting in touch with former season ticket holders to see if they wanted to recommit.

One fan’s Twitter thread highlights how the Wizards reached out: “My brother stopped buying seats to games last year after Ted re-signed Ernie. He let his ticket rep know that if the organisation ever got rid of what has been rotting it for nearly 2 decades, he would reconsider.


“Immediately after the news dropped today that Ernie was finally removed from the org he received this: My name is Jonathan Korobkin and I am your Account Representative with the Washington Wizards! According to our system, the last time you spoke to a rep here.

“You said that you would only be interested in some sort of ticket package once Ernie Grunfeld was let go. I am not sure if you saw the news, but he was let go earlier this afternoon. I wanted to reach out and see if you had any interest in some of our ticket options?

“THEY HAD A FORM EMAIL READY TO GO!! For almost 20 years they had a GM that could not plan for ANYTHING but who was gifted amazing talent in the draft. But the front office had enough sense to plan ahead for a stock email to ticket holders who left.”

Image: Keith Allison