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Ireland women’s football boss calls for changes to Euro 2021 ticketing

Ireland women’s football head coach Vera Pauw has called for changes to the ticketing system for the team’s UEFA Euro 2021 qualifiers.

Pauw said “it’s a shame” that the supposed “sold-out” crowd left almost 2,700 empty seats at the 8,000-capacity Tallaght Stadium during Tuesday night’s match against Ukraine.

More than 5,300 fans showed up to watch the game, which saw Ireland beat the visitors 3-2, in a record crowd for Ireland women’s football.

Despite the bolstered attendance, Pauw voiced her disappointment that the FAI’s pre-match report of a sold-out crowd did not come to fruition.

“It’s a shame because we’ve been absolutely clear: ‘Hand in your tickets.’ There are so many people who wanted to come, but couldn’t because there were no tickets available,” she told to Off The Ball.

“And that is really a shame. Maybe we need to think about (ticketing) a different way.

“To get this stadium full, we maybe need to think of how can we organise that. But people have done phenomenal work to get all those tickets picked up. People had to download them. They had to request them and get them. So it’s just a shame they did not come.”

Image: Hoops341