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Fyre Fest ticketholders fail to get Ja Rule on lawsuit

Ticketholders of the ill-fated Fyre Festival back in 2017 have failed to get Ja Rule listed as a defendant on a $100m (£79m/€90m) lawsuit seeking damages.

The rapper, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, was initially presented as a co-founder of the so-called luxury music festival in the Bahamas but was removed from the lawsuit by a judge in July. It was concluded that there was no evidence that he was aware the promises he was making over social media would not be honoured by founder Billy McFarland and his team.

According to Law360, the amended complaint hoping to list Ja Rule as a defendant references the two Fyre Festival documentaries that came out earlier this year.

It claims that the documentaries “provide additional new information showing that Atkins knew full well the festival was destined for failure even as he continued to promote it”.

Lawyers also argued that they had discovered several ticketholders that had made the decision to attend Fyre Festival at the last minute based on a tweet the rapper sent confirming the event was going ahead.

According to AllHipHop.com, the judge hearing the case has rejected those arguments, stating that there was still insufficient grounds to conclude that Atkins’ role in promoting the failed event constituted fraud.

A legal rep for Atkins told AllHipHop.com: “This ruling is nothing short of a total vindication of Mr Atkins”.

Image: WebSummit