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Mutua Madrid Open scores ace with StubHub deal

The Mutua Madrid Open has named StubHub as its ticketing partner for the 2020 tennis tournament in the Spanish Capital.

Under the agreement, the ticketing firm will become an official ticket sales partner and exclusive trading platform for fans.

Andrés San José Gutiérrez, country manager of StubHub for Spain, added: “This new agreement is an important milestone for StubHub both in Spain and internationally. It is another proof of the confidence that both fans and organisers of major sporting events place on our pioneer platform in a new model of buying and selling that democratises access to sporting events around the world.

“Thanks to our collaboration, the Mutua Madrid Open can guarantee the best experience and the greatest security for fans who travel long distances sometimes to watch tennis stars play live.”

The event is taking place at La Caja Mágica in Madrid from May 1-12.

In its most recent edition, the venue welcomed 278,000 spectators, a new attendance record for the tournament and a rise of 2.9 per cent from the previous year and an average of 30,000 fans each day.

Gerard Tsobanian, president and chief executive of the tournament, added: “At the Mutua Madrid Open we distinguish ourselves by self-demand.

“Every year we seek to improve and change things because each year is a challenge and an opportunity. And that’s why we can only be vigilant to stay up to date. The Mutua Madrid Open is a tournament that adapts to the new demands and expectations of sport, communication, society. That is why we have opted for a different, innovative and current campaign.”

Image: Madrid Open