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Filipino cinema calls for tax rebates on free ticket scheme

A cinema in Cebu, the Philippines has requested tax rebates from the local council if a proposed law should be passed allowing senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWD) who are residents of the city free tickets to film screenings.

The proposal amendment to include PWD would add to an existing city ordinance that gives free access to movies for senior citizens.

The current law allows elderly people to catch a film at one of the local cinemas for free during weekdays except on the first day of showing, on holidays and on weekends.

If the amended version is passed, cinemas would have to allow free viewing to PWDs on Mondays and Tuesdays on the first screening hour.

Regional operations officer of SM City Cebu, Mary Christine Lucero, appeared before the council to explain why cinemas should get tax rebates. She said that while senior citizens pay nothing for the tickets, the theatre still pays a 10 per cent amusement tax on every ticket sold.

She said, according to Cebu Daily News: “In Bacolod City, the LGU (local government unit) lowered the 10 per cent amusement tax to five per cent for all cinemas that give free tickets to senior citizens.”

Lucero added that the city council could also opt for tax rebates, wherein the city will shoulder a portion of the ticket, lowering the amusement tax for each free ticket distributed.