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Disneyland introduces five-tiered ticketing system, hikes prices

The Disneyland theme park in California has introduced a five-tiered ticket pricing system, which has placed some single-day tickets above the $200 threshold for the first time.

The system is based on guest demand with single-day tickets now ranging from $104 on less crowded days to $209 for the most popular days, which usually include weekends and holidays, such as Fourth of July.

Annual pass prices have also been increased, with the lower-tier Select Pass rising from $399 to $419, and the Premier Pass (which gives unlimited access to Florida’s Walt Disney World as well as Disneyland) now priced at $2,199, up from $1,949.

MaxPass, Disneyland’s digital ride reservation system that lets riders skip lines, also increased in price from $15 to $20 per day.

A Walt Disney Co. spokesperson told Forbes: “We’re giving our guests value and choice by going from three pricing options to five. Our goal is enhancing the guest experience and it’s our rationale for the demand-based pricing, to make sure when our guests visit us they do have a good time and enjoy the experience.”

Image: Glen Scarborough