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Satisfi Labs expands MLB partnership to include voice-enabled search

Satisfi Labs has launched its Google Assistant integration across 15 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, adding a voice-enabled interactive search engine to the fan experience.

The move is an expansion of the AI-powered technology company’s partnership with the US league and marks the first incorporation of the technology since Satisfi joined the Google Assistant Investment portfolio in October 2019.

The expansion allows each MLB team, including the Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, and Minnesota Twins, to make their virtual assistant accessible through voice.

It also offers in-stadium experiences, once they resume following the COVID-19 shutdown, to provide more contactless options when needing help with ticket info and purchases, and stadium logistics.

Oakland Athletics_GA

Don White, chief executive of Satisfi Labs, said: “In this adapting sports season, we’re looking forward to providing each team with a new way to engage with fans at home.

“As Google Assistant is available on one billion devices around the world, we’re especially thrilled to be part of Google’s voice-ecosystem, which will allow teams to more easily connect with a global baseball fanbase.”

Google Assistant allows fans to ask questions about statistics, schedules, scores, standing, and team information, with fans able to interact with a team by saying: “Hey Google, ask the Oakland Athletics what time is the next game?” or “What’s the score of the game right now?”

This also works with any Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker or Smart Display, like Nest Hub.

Steve Fanelli, vice president at Oakland Athletics, said: “Voice is the future of communication, and we believe expanding to Google Assistant will allow fans of all ages to access us on their terms. As we embark on this new season, what better way to build connections with the at-home fan than with a personal, voice experience.”

The New York-headquartered technology company provides clients within MLB, Major League Soccer (MLS) and the NBA basketball league with its ticketing assistant product. It offers clients a more comprehensive understanding of fans to provide ticketing options based on price, type, and location.