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TicketSocket partners with CoinPayments

TicketSocket, a provider of white-label ticketing and registration ticketing services, has partnered with CoinPayments, a crypto payment processor.

The collaboration allows TicketSocket customers to accept cryptocurrency in conjunction with TicketSocket’s NFT (non-fungible tokens) ticketing system – Sell NFT tickets – or NFTs for events and experiences.

TicketSocket can accept most mainstream cryptocurrencies, such as Coinbase, Gemini and Binance. Merchants will also have the ability to specify which crypto coins they will accept for admission to their events.

CoinPayments chief executive Jason Butcher said: “We are excited to partner with TicketSocket and illustrate the limitless potential CoinPayments provides for merchants worldwide.

“Our robust and seamless solution will allow TicketSocket customers to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, providing an easier way of conducting business and reaching a broader consumer base.”

As of January, around seven TicketSocket customers have started using cryptocurrencies and NFTs as modes of payments, according to the company.

The TicketSocket and CoinPayments partnership has been launched in combination with TicketSocket’s new NFT ticketing solution. This means that customers will be able to purchase tickets via fiat (mainstream legal tender) or crypto and receive a unique NFT in return.

TicketSocket provides this service through a minting system that can mint, attach and deliver 100% original NFTs, which can also be customised to match merchants’ preferences.

Mark Miller, chief executive of TicketSocket, added: “We feel that this partnership with CoinPayments is extremely timely in the industry as we simultaneously release support for NFT ticketing, this provides our clients with all the tools they need to be successful and stay cutting edge.”

Image: Tijs van Leur on Unsplash