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Fave launches Fan Verification system

Fave, a social platform dedicated to fans, has introduced its Fan Verification system after months of testing.

The fan-centric platform was launched in April last year and has now introduced Fan Verification, so that fans can showcase their dedication to their ‘fandom’. The technology was tested through partnerships with the like of the Billboard Music Awards as well as one of the biggest music fandoms in the world, BTS Army.

Fans will be able to clock up proof of their loyalty by logging activities and projects such as streaming, merchandise collections, fan art, concert attendance, stories and more.

After uploading proof of fandom dedication, each user can progress from Fan to Verified Fan before reaching Verified Superfan status. This is reflected through their Fave Fan IDs and each tier offers further opportunities and access to rewards and experiences from artists and brand partners.

Jacquelle Amankonah Horton, chief executive of Fave, said: “On Fave, top-fan status and access to exclusive experiences are not just reserved to the people who can afford it or got lucky in some random giveaway – neither of those correlate to how passionate and deserving of a fan you are

“Instead, fans earn these experiences through the authentic, heartfelt activities they’ve already been doing.”

Bots, scammers or fake fans trying to achieve Verified Fan status will find it difficult due to Fave’s technology, with the company also adding manual human reviews to double-verify a fan’s authenticity.

The platform will not only create a safe space for fans to interact and show their loyalty, but it also provides a tool for artists to reward and communicate with supporters.

Image: Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

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