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Tessitura teams up with Logitix

Featured image credit: Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

Tessitura, a non-profit technology company that serves arts and culture organisations, has partnered with ticketing technology company, Logitix.

The partnership will offer performing arts associations more resources for optimising ticket distribution, and in turn maximising revenue. 

Proprietary software, distribution tools and analytics from Logitix will help theatres and performing arts centres to open new sales channels, including ticket exchanges. Real-time data insights will also automate dynamic pricing decisions to address changing ticket demand. 

The integration is planned for later this year. 

Greg Nortman, president of Logitix, said: “We look forward to helping the arts and culture industry sell more tickets with our advanced pricing strategies, distribution and ticketing analytics. 

“Tessitura has an impressive network of performing arts organisations that will benefit from our services. 

“For the consumer, dynamic pricing doesn’t always mean higher ticket prices. Based on our data, the price of a ticket may go down to find a match on the buyer’s side. We ultimately want our partners to optimise and sell more tickets. We provide more ticket access in more places.”

Erin Lively Koppel, chief strategy officer for Tessiture, added: “Performing arts organisations are looking for every opportunity to capitalise on existing demand and expand their reach. Many are still recovering from the pandemic. At the same time, they’re facing ongoing global financial challenges.

“Logitix’s solutions show proven value in this evolving ticketing landscape. We’re always seeking ways to better serve our community. We’re thrilled this partnership will extend innovative new resources to them.”