Millions register for Paris 2024 tickets, organisers ask buyers to help others

Featured image credit: Alexander Kagan on Unsplash

Featured image credit: Alexander Kagan on Unsplash

Paris 2024 president Tony Estanguet has said that over 2.5 million people have registered for the first ticketing phase. 

In a conference yesterday (Wednesday), Olympic and Paralympic Games organisers said they were “super happy” with the initial response, with the draw for the first ticketing phase set to close on January 31.

The initial ticketing phase began in December and ticket buyers will be able to compose packs of three sessions of different sports from February 15.

Organisers are also asking ticket buyers to donate an extra €2 per purchase to help others attend the Olympics and Paralympics that might not be able to otherwise.

According to a report from Reuters, French entrepreneur and Paris 2024 board member Alexandre Mars said that it was “the same principle as the ‘pending coffee’” initiative.

The idea is inspired by Naples in Italy, where a customer pays for a coffee in advance as a random act of kindness for a stranger.

Mars added: “It has never been done before on such a big scale.”

The donation is optional and will go to Secours Populaire, a non-profit that is fighting against poverty and exclusion in France and globally. The donations will be converted into tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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