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Government of Western Australia offers artists chance to snap up opportunities 

Featured Image: Gabriel Gurrola on Unsplash

The Government of Western Australia has introduced two new programmes that will support short-notice opportunities that arise for Western Australian artists or contemporary musicians. 

The Short Notice Activities Programmes (SNAP) will support artists, arts workers, musicians, bands and music industry professionals to take advantage of unplanned opportunities.

Artists will be able to utilise the funding to engage in high-quality national, regional and international arts and cultural opportunities.

There are two programmes for 2023 and 2024, with the first programme having opened on July 11 and running until December 7. The second programme will open on January 9 and run until June 6.

The SNAP also complements other culture and arts programmes, such as the Arts Projects for Individuals programme and the Arts Projects for Organisations programme, which opens three times a year and offers funding for larger, planned projects.

“These new programmes will allow WA artists and musicians to leverage the career-boosting opportunities that come up in their industries,” said Acting Culture and the Arts Minister Dr Tony Buti.

“The music sector, in particular, has unexpected development and touring opportunities that crop up, and we want our musicians to jump at those chances.

“We urge artists to SNAP up those opportunities and show what WA creatives have to offer.”